Thank you Effendi for your thoughtful remarks! It brings us great satisfaction to know that you’ve identified a core aspect of our service commitment—one that we genuinely strive to demonstrate in all our interactions: the principle of not making extravagant


We are incredibly grateful, Rano, for acknowledging our diligent efforts at Fast Debt Recovery! Our mission has always been unwavering – to offer affordable and dependable debt collection solutions to everyday consumers. We are acutely aware of the far-reaching effects

Successful Collection| 2 Cases | $13.392.60

#FDRDeployment | Successful Collection Hooray, another successful collection this week! Contrary to what is usually perceived, not all cases are resolved unambiguously at our office. In our line of work, it isn’t uncommon for us to come across relentless debtors

Successful Collection | $30,000 CASH | Corporate Debt

Thankfully, our superb investigation team are always one step ahead, providing the necessary information required for Fast Debt Recovery Specialist’s Team Alpha to nab debtors at a condo hideout. | |   We would like to thank you

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“무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다” (mugunghwa kkochi piotsseumnida) Fast Debt Recovery Specialist Pte Ltd specializes in helping individuals and companies recover money from debtors.

Successful Collection | $40,000 CASH | Corporate Debt

#FDRDeployment#successfulcollection | $40,,000 Cash | Successful Collection | Do what is right, not what is easy. Thank you our retainer client for her trust and confidence in us. It was our pleasure to help her company recover another bad debt.

Public Holiday |Deepavali Deployment

Before the clock strike 12 midnight, we would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Diwali. We were busy since the eve of Diwali til now. It was a successful deployment yesterday and today. Debtor can hide but not


Team Elite successfully help Mr M collect back his friendship loan of $3,000.00 in short time. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Thank you for putting your trust and confidence in Fast Debt Recovery Specialist Pte Ltd.

SUCESSFUL DEBT COLLECTION | $20,000 Bank Transfer Payment

It’s been a long week, but the team’s hard work paid off. Our team has successfully help Mr R collect back his 2 years outstanding corporate debt of $71,000.00 via instalment. First payment $20,000.00 was received by our client. Subsequent

FAST DEBT RECOVERY | DAILY |Briefing and Case Analysis

Fast Debt Recovery Specialist services are performed by experienced professional Field Specialist, giving you the confidence of knowing you’re in the best possible hand. Before every deployment, a briefing and case analysis will be done. | |

Fast Debt Recovery Specialist | Chinese New Year Promotion

Engage Fast Debt Recovery Specialist today and get a FREE Gold Coin Tiger Ang Pow LIMITED TO FIRST 50 CUSTOMER ONLY Fast Debt Recovery Specialist #TeamFDR #TheClientsChoice Our #Services, Your #Solutions A brand is defined by the client’s experience. The

SUCCESSFUL DEBT COLLECTION | $1,000.00 Installment

It’s very important for a briefing and case analysis before every deployment of the day. Hard work paid off 👍 Our debt recovery services are performed by experienced professional Field Specialist, giving you the confidence of knowing you’re in the


Weekend Our team refuse to rest on Weekend, they choose to work hard. Action speaks louder than words. Their hard work is paid off 👍 Cash of $5530.00 was recovered!   It is normal for you to feel angry, betrayed


It was another weekend and our team refuse to rest on Weekend, they choose to work and not rest on weekend. Action speaks louder than words. Their hard work is paid off 👍 Cash of $3,200.00 was recovered! At Fast


Client is grateful that we can help them recover their debt when they don’t know what they should do. successful collection in short time for our “client” Encore Aluminum Construction


2 stall owner owe our client money, client engaged us to recover back their money. Cash payment received from debtor and $20,523.50 cash was handed over to our client today.


#TeamFDR Thank you so much K Lin for penning such a beautiful review for us! Our team is too equally as happy to have helped our client, K Lin, resolve his financial claim against his debtor – a parent who


#TeamFDR Escape the complexities and irritation of retrieving bad debts with the assistance of our reliable in-house collection experts. Comprising of highly experienced debt collection officers and our in-house legal team, we cover all facets of the debt retrieval process


#TeamFDR We’re overjoyed to have finished 2022 with a successful debt collection of $8430.27! After assessing the case, our dependable and effective debt collectors proceed to negotiate the owing debt with the debtor. Despite an initial refusal to pay, the

Special Holiday Deployment Package

#TeamFDR Our experience in this trade for the past decade have shown us that holiday deployments are always more efficient, especially when dealing with errant debtors that are hard to find on normal deployment trips. With that statistic in mind,


#TEAMFDR Yes! We did it. We collected a debt valued at $70,528 (which was borrowed by our client to the debtor on a personal loan basis) within just 4 deployments! Despite calling the cops on us during the 1st

5 Best Debt Collectors In Singapore

Fast Debt Recovery is pleased to be listed as rank 2 in 5 Best Best Debt Collectors in Singapore FIND OUT MORE AT:


#FDRdeployment #SuccessfulDebtCollection | #TeamFDR | Cheque was issued by debtor’s company on the same day we deployed. Only 1 visit was utilized to settle this case amicably,

Optima Werkz | Client’s Testimonial

Through our previous engagements with Fast debt Recovery, they have always conducted themselves professionally, ethically, and reliably. In addition, we would like to commend their case officers for their excellent customer service, especially in being prompt and proactive in providing

SUCESSFUL DEBT COLLECTION | $1,000.00 monthly Installment

#FDRdeployment#SuccessfulDebtCollection | #TeamFDR | The pandemic has affected plenty of debtors badly. Many of them have suffered significant pay cuts, have their shift work reduced, or even got retrenched. We believe compromise and communication are very important for successful and


#FDRdeployment #SuccessfulDebtCollection | #TeamFDR | No matter what industry you work in, hard work and team spirit is the recipe for a burgeoning and success. Immediate paynow transfer of $15,000.00 was received from debtor for the 1st instalment payment, subsequent

FDR 5th Anniversary Promotion

Let’s celebrate Fast Debt Recovery Specialist 5th anniversary with a best offer at FREE CONSULTATION, ZERO UPFRONT FEE, NO DEBT COLLECTED, NO PAYMENT It has been a journey full of challenges but we made it through together. Thank you our

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With 4 years of business, 11 years of experience, we would like to give you a special promotion today! PROMO CODE: FDR4 Today marks our 4 years! We’re thankful for all of our customers/clients! It’s not just a corporate anniversary,

Fast Debt Recovery Specialist | Wanbao News 联合晚报 |$30,000.00 | Personal Debt | Stolen Credit Card

欠债者一脚踏两船,这边装孝顺指要打工替姑姑还阿窿债,没时间见面;另一边却瞒着她与新女友出国旅游,气得我们的顾客聘请Fast Debt Recovery Specialist ,要追讨三年来花在他身上的三万多元。 Debtor cheated on girlfriend and act filial that he needed to work hard to pay off his aunt’s debt and he has no time to meet up with his girlfriend. Girlfriend found out that he

Chinese New Year – God of Wealth (财神) | Deployment 2021

你迎财神,你接财神,我们把财神接到你家门口~~ 既然人话你听不懂,我们就请财神来跟你谈天说地吧! Since some debtor do not understand human language, we shall invite #TeamFDR God of wealth to speak to them and wishing them Gong Xi Fa Cai. | +65 9669 2349 (24/7 Whatsapp ONLY) | Channel 8 –


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Successful Collection of $2,250 (Corporate Debt)

#SuccessfulCollection of $2250 in cash. On a weekend, #TeamFDR is still working hard for our client. Without being willing to work hard, success is nearly impossible. | +65 9669 2349 (24/7 Whatsapp ONLY) | |

Fast Debt Recovery Specialist | The New & Improved

We are proud to let our fans and followers in on a secret that we have been keeping for weeks. The Fast Debt Recovery Specialist brand has just recently acquired Fast Debt Recovery and we are now bigger and better

Convid19 has affected Businesses

Over 8,600 businesses ceased and filed to cease operations in April A TOTAL of 3,771 business entities closed in April – a shade less than the 3,793 in March 2020 – with another 4,892 in the process of shutting down.

Fast Debt Recovery | Salute to all our Frontliners!

Moments of humanity and gratitude are shining through the cracks of the COVID-19 pandemic. All around the world, people are thanking frontline workers who are currently battling the Coronavirus. We would like to thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Fast Debt Recovery | The New & Improved

Kudos if you’re one of those sharp-eyed fans who noticed that our logo has changed! We are proud to let our fans and followers in on a secret that we have been keeping for weeks. The Fast Debt Recovery brand

PSA | From a Car Rental Owner to Another

Submission by : CarRentalGuru – 1234 I am a Car Rental owner and I would like to put out this report to bring awareness to this particular fellow named Mr Tham Kong Wee (Sxxx8424E). [Pic1: Mr Tham’s Rental Documents] Mr

I have been awarded a Court Judgment… now what?

Contrary to popular belief, a Court Judgment isn’t the end of your worries. Instead, it is just the beginning. Why? Before we start with our explanation, let us first understand what exactly is a Court Judgment. What is a Court

NOTICE: Defamation (Illegal Loan sharking Activities)

1. It has come to our attention that there has been a false allegation made about Fast Debt Recovery that was broadcasted in a group chat, comprising of over 100+ individuals that are victims of Alvin Ker’s Investment Scam. The

Chinese New Year 2018

Dear friends, fans, clients and customers of Fast Debt Recovery, Please do kindly be informed that the Fast Debt Recovery Head Office will be closed for Chinese New Year from the 16th of February 2018 (Friday) to the 20th of

Fast Debt Recovery | Pro-borno Case | Personal Loan Scam

Nothing pushes our buttons more than manipulative debtors who take advantage of the kindness of others for their own materialistic and financial gains. Recently, there was a video that was circulating around facebook that shows a 75 year old victim