NOTICE: Defamation (Illegal Loan sharking Activities)

1. It has come to our attention that there has been a false allegation made about Fast Debt Recovery that was broadcasted in a group chat, comprising of over 100+ individuals that are victims of Alvin Ker’s Investment Scam. The false allegation that was made states that we (Fast Debt Recovery) are affiliated to illegal loan sharks and that our acra registered entity, Fast Debt Recovery (UEN: 53364764M) is a facade that we use to mask our illegal loan sharking activities.

Pic 1 – Screenshot of the allegation made against Fast Debt Recovery

2. We would like to take this opportunity to announce that there is NO truth to these allegations. At Fast Debt Recovery, we pride ourselves as legal Debt Enforcers who strictly abide by the confines of the Republic of Singapore law, as well as the rules and regulations that govern Debt Collection and the Protection of Harassment Act.

3. We do not condone and/or appreciate the dissemination of such misleading and defamatory falsehoods that discredit us and place our firm and it’s employees in a severely disadvantageous situation that will affect the credibility of our company and staff, as well as jeopardise the trust that our clients and customers have in the company/ our staff, especially when we have are the chosen Debt Collection Agency for a considerable amount of victims that are in that group chat.

4. In conclusion, we would like to vehemently debunk this rumors and set the record straight. Fast Debt Recovery is NOT affiliated to any illegal loansharking activities and neither are we a part of anything (be it in any way or form) that deviates from what is socially, morally and legally acceptable by the Republic of Singapore law and what is expected of us as Debt Enforcement Officers. We have since made a police report against the individuals who have made these allegations and we will not hesitate to pursue legal proceedings against individuals who perpetuate such untruths- regardless of the manner, the location and/or the method that the allegation is communicated.

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