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SINGAPORE – This week, the Fast Debt Recovery team celebrates the successful collection of one of our most difficult assignments to date; thanks to the diligence and hard work of our Elite Enforcement Team Officers and our Investigation Department.

The debt incurred was due to a dispute between a Main Contractor (Company A) and its vendor (Company B). It was alleged that Company B did not fulfil its obligations as a vendor and thus, Company A refused to pay Company B for the service that it completed in full due to ‘unsatisfactory quality’. Enraged, Company B decided to seek legal redress and approached Fast Debt Recovery for assistance.

At Fast Debt Recovery, our stance towards this matter is very straightforward – quality is subjective – as long as there was no crucial oversight and/or negligence that has been committed, Company B still deserves to be paid for the service that it has provided and completed.

Photo – 2: A snippet of video taken during the deployment to Company A Office

In a span of nearly 6 months, Fast Debt Recovery deployments to Company A’s office was futile, as the person-in-charge (“Henry”) was unwilling to cooperate but instead chose to leave the premises every time that we visit. On the rare occasions that we managed to communicate with Henry, he adamantly stuck to his decision, refusing to pay for unacceptable work. Our Elite Enforcement Team Officers tried to reason with him that:

1. The client have already accepted the work and have paid Company A thus proving that the alleged ‘unsatisfactory job’ was in fact passable;

2. That the service, although allegedly mediocre, was still provided and completed in full by Company B;

Photo – 3: Elite Enforcement Team Leader, Officier Wan, case studying the case

Unfortunately, Henry refused to budge. Henry then mentioned to us that even if he does agree with our Enforcement Team’s reasonings, he is not the overall decision maker and thus was unable to negotiate for a settlement with us. He vehemently insisted that he was only following orders from a superior – one whose name he refuse to provide. Our Officers than seek his cooperation in arranging for a meet-up with the overall person-in-charge but Henry refused each time, informing our team that his superior is away on ‘business’. It was these vague excuses that roused the suspicion of Officer Wan, our Elite Enforcement Team Leader.

Photo – 4: Debt Enforcement Officers waiting for Henry to show up for the appointment that was arranged at his office.

After that day’s deployment, Wan escalated the matter to our Investigation Department who launched a comprehensive search into the company and its staff, including Henry. It was then did our team realised that Henry was not who he fervently claimed to be. The government records extracted by our Investigation team shows that Henry was in fact Company A’s one and only sole director, as well as a shareholder of the firm.

Photo – 5 : Elite Enforcement Team Leader, Officier Noah, during the deployment to Henry’s residence

After this information was relayed to our Elite Enforcement Officers, there was an unanimous decision made to seek the debtor at his residence instead of his office. A date was set and on the 17th of January 2018, our Debt Enforcement Officers proceeded to Henry’s residence and was greeted at the door by his wife.

Photo – 5 : Discussion with the Police with regards to the case outside Henry’s home

Refusing to cooperate, she issued multiple threats towards our officers and telling them that she will not hesitate to call the cops if they remained at the premises. Our Elite Enforcement Officers remained unfazed as prior to the deployment, the Singapore Police Force was already informed of the Debt Collection initiative that was arranged. Under the advice of our Elite Enforcement Team, Henry’s Wife gave her husband a call and told him to surrender and cooperate with our firm which finally, Henry relented.

Photo – 6 : Dispute Meeting between Company A representatives and Company B representatives

On the 23rd of January, a dispute meeting was fixed and a discussion about the owed monies ensued. Representing our client, our Elite Debt Enforcement Officers proceeded to finalise the terms of repayment with Henry and after an hour, a full settlement was made with a cheque of $29, 600 issued to Fast Debt Recovery.

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