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Nothing pushes our buttons more than manipulative debtors who take advantage of the kindness of others for their own materialistic and financial gains. Recently, there was a video that was circulating around facebook that shows a 75 year old victim whose money was being scammed by a friend who he have taken pity on and have loaned a five-digit sum to. We are proud to announce that we have managed to contact the poor victim and we are currently working on our strategies to restore the justice that he deserves. Stay tuned to our page as we will be posting constant update on our progress and collection initiatives with regards to this case.#TeamFDR (Case Update) / Due to the debtor’s blatant refusal to settle the debt that is owed to our client, our team decided that it was only wise to rework our collection initiatives to ensure a positive outcome.Under the advise of our Litigation Manager and Elite Enforcement Team Officers, our client have decided to obtain a Court Judgement so as to fortify his claims against the debtor and relinquish all possibilities of future dispute, thus increasing the effectiveness of our debt collection initiatives.Here’s a glimpse at how our Elite Enforcement Team work closely with our partnered legal associates to help our client create the necessary documents as required by the Singapore Courts to file his case.Fighting for the hardworking citizens that have became victims of unscrupulous person(s) is the guiding principle of Fast Debt Recovery. Now, with all the documents filed and submitted, our team can’t wait for the judgement to be served so that our team can once again work on helping our client receive the justice that he rightfully deserves.

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