PSA | From a Car Rental Owner to Another

Submission by : CarRentalGuru – 1234

I am a Car Rental owner and I would like to put out this report to bring awareness to this particular fellow named Mr Tham Kong Wee (Sxxx8424E).

[Pic1: Mr Tham’s Rental Documents]

Mr Tham has been approaching several Car Rental firms to rent vehicles for his own usage. When the date arrives to pay rent, Mr Tham will end up delaying the payment and eventually disappearing without paying the due rent. He had duped plenty Car Rental companies using the same aforesaid techniques, causing many car dealers great losses.

[Pic2&3: Mr Tham’s Identification Documents]

His modus operandi is as such: Tham will rent a Mercedes S Class and he will go MIA when the rent is due. When the car company tows back the car, he will look for another car company to rent yet another Mercedes S Class. He has repeated this several times.

I would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness about these Mr Tham’s antics and warn all vehicle rental companies to be beware of this man as he is a repeat offender and has been getting increasingly brazen (his renting intervals have become shorter and shorter as of late).

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