What do Fast Debt Recovery Specialist do?

We are a third party collection agency that helps creditors, both corporate companies and individual clients to retrieve goods and monies owed to them by their debtors. 

Are our Debt Collection initiatives legal?

Yes! As a legal Debt Collection Agency, our collection initiatives are strictly compliant with the Singapore law. 

Will I get into trouble if I were to engage your services?

No. We believe in safeguarding our clients’ interest at all times, that is why we only operate with the confines of the Singapore law, especially the Singapore ‘Protection Of Harassment Act.’ We have our in-house lawyer to advise and defend if required.

What kind of cases do Fast Debt Recovery Specialist accept?

We accept all types of legal debts as long as the debt is officiated with sufficient evidence. We offer a range of services that cater to different types of needs, regardless of whether they are B2B (Business-to-business Debts), B2C (Business-to-consumer(s) Debts as well as individual debts (such as friendship loans, investment scams, personal loans etc).  

What are our rates/ How do we charge?

Our fees are in accordance with the complexity of debt, the contesting power of the evidence as well as the type and age of the debt. We will advise all clients who are interested in commencing debt collection proceedings to get in touch with our Case Officers first for a complimentary appointment (or a consultation fee [payable]) with regards to their case to receive a proper quotation. Please send in your enquiry at https://www.fastdebtrecovery.info/lodge-a-case to get a quotation.

Do you issue guarantee of success collection?

No, we don’t. However, we do issue success possibility report to our client. 
To serve the needs of our clients, we have devised deployment package that is designed to eliminate the worries and reservations that our clients may possess as well as to shed more light on the success proba
bility of each and every unique case for a smoother and more cost-effective collection processes.

What if my debtor do not want to make payment?

Depending on the situation of the debtor, we will usually discuss with the debtor a repayment plan that works out best for our client and the debtor. We also have repayment schedule to collect payment wirelessly. Hence, no excuses for debtors to miss payment due date. 

Does Fast Debt Recovery provide legal advise?

Yes. Our in-house lawyer ” Invictus Law Corporation” is able to commence any legal proceedings, on your behalf, against any party. Our panel of legal advisers will only assist if required.