Our Elite Team helping the less fortunate | Did some donation and helped debtor with Financial Assis

The biggest challenge of our job, ironically, is the one that we most adore. Being a centre person to handle client’s bad debt, we have to balance out both client and Debtor equally.

We are proud of our Elite Team today, they do what they can to help the less fortunate by donating 2 carton of diaper and 2 tin of milk powder to their Debtor. They also assisted the Debtor to apply for financial assistance during their difficult time. Debtor is currently carrying her baby around to do grab delivery earning about $200+ daily. If she can do it, I think all those who always complain jobless and no income should learn from her.

With Fast Debt Recovery Specialist, you can be reassured that your collectibles are managed with professionalism, integrity and efficiency. Performed by only trained Debt Enforcement Officers, you can be assured that your collectibles are in the best possible hands.

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