Recently, it has come to our attention that there have been an emergence of a new Investment Scam operated by an organization named Jiki Life Group Pte Ltd. Even though the recognition of this firms’ illegitimacy dates back to 2011, many investors have unfortunately only realized the severity of the situation much later. As advocates of ethical business practices, we would like to take this opportunity to educate the society as well as to bring to light the heinous crimes that this fraudulent organization has committed.

What is Jiki Life Group Pte Ltd?

Adopting the practices of an Insurance company, Jiki Life Group Pte Ltd provides an Investment opportunity to their clients/investors through a myriad of saving plans. To participate in this investment opportunity, Investors are encouraged to purchased a magnetic bracelet products (which Jiki Life Group Pte Ltd are the sole distributors of) that Jiki Life Group Pte Ltd will rent out to health-conscious individuals. The rent and interest received from these health-conscious individuals would then be returned to the investor. Upon investment, to establish the legitimacy of the investment, each investor was issued a Rental Entrustment Certification and an Invoice.

What happened?

For the first few months of the investment, the investors do see a constant deposit of ROI deposited in their account but alas, it did not last long. After realizing that the monthly ROI deposits was halted, many of these investors approached their agents to enquire on the undeposited funds. It was then did most investors (and the agents who were usually friends/relatives of the investor) realize that the company was having undergoing financial difficulties. Few months later, JIKI LIFE GROUP PTE LTD announced that they have stopped all operations and will be refunding all the investors their investment funds. This announcement was made through a letter. However, despite giving a deadline for when the investment funds will be refunded to the investors, the deadline was never honored but instead delayed time after time again. Many investors have also reported of bounced cheques issued by the firm. This constant postponement of refund consistently continued until JIKI LIFE GROUP PTE LTD’s shareholder, Mr Kee and director (Jonathan) disappearance in 2014, leaving plenty of JIKI LIFE GROUP PTE LTD’s Sales Agents and Investors burned.

Situation in 2017:

Recently, a group of investors who have unfortunately fell prey to this investment scam contacted the Fast Debt Recovery team for assistance in retrieving the monies owed to them. After investigation, our investigators have realized that despite the director’s (Jonathan) adamant claims stating that the company is now defunct, JIKI LIFE GROUP PTE LTD is still listed as LIVE entity on the Singapore’s Government Records.

We at Fast Debt Recovery severely detest such unethical business practices and our team is working round the clock to execute various collection initiatives to help these investors to reclaim what is owed to them and bring these perpetrators to justice once and for all.


There is strength in numbers. We encourage those who have been affected by this scam or may have information relating to this scam to contact us through our e-mail at


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