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The most difficult type of debt to collect is not one owed by an acquaintance or a friend but instead from rental dispute that arises between owners and tenants. Contrary to popular belief, although Home Rental Debts may seem easy to collect, there are usually many different complications and underlying issues that brews in the background. On top of that, clients that finds themselves in such a scenario often worries about the most lethal ‘revenge plan’ of them all – Sabotage (after all, an address is involved).

Today, we will take you on a behind-the-scenes journey with us on our latest assignment that involves our client “Mr A” and the tenant “Mr B” that always has an excuse to weasel away from his monthly rental obligations.

Although the home that Mr B lives in belongs to Mr A, Mr A have always experienced difficulties trying to reach Mr B. Phone Calls and messages goes unanswered, visitations to the home turn out to be futile etc. On rare occasions when Mr A and Mr B are fortunate enough to meet, Mr A finds it difficult to retrieve the monthly rental from Mr B due to his constant supply of sob stories – from his mother’s sickness draining his finances to his inability to make ends meet. Initially, Mr A remained patient and decided to turn a blind eye, giving Mr B the benefit of the doubt. However, after a considerable amount of time have passed with no initiative on Mr B’s part to honour the rental obligation, Mr A decided to engage Fast Debt Recovery to collect the monthly rental and negotiate the payment terms on his behalf.

Due to the sensitivity of the case, the assignment was tasked to Fast Debt Recovery’s Elite Enforcement Team, with Operations Manager, Lyn leading the team. Prior to the deployment, Lyn gathered the team for a short brainstorming session where the deployment plan and strategies for the evening are being confirmed and made known to everyone. Information that was received by Fast Debt Recovery whistleblowers and skip-tracers were also consolidated and filed in preparation for the evening’s deployment.

Pic-2 : Behind-the-scenes of Fast Debt Recovery deployment

The deployment was planned for the 13th of Dec at 7PM. On the first visit, the team realized that there was nobody at home, an outcome that was already expected as we have received word from our whistle-blower that Mr. B have started staggering the timings that he comes home for about a week or so now. Lyn then proceeded to contact another one of our whistle-blower “Mr C”- an acquaintance of Mr. B, to check on his whereabouts. Mr C then informed our team that Mr. B was at the nearby coffee shop and there is a possibility that he will return soon. Thus, a decision was made – the DEOs are to be separated and planted at different locations around the vicinity to wait for Mr. B to get home. t around 8.15 PM, one of the DEOs who was positioned near the coffee shop informed the team that Mr. B was spotted leaving the coffee shop and walking back to his residence.

Pic-3 : Behind-the-scenes of Fast Debt Recovery deployment

The debtor returned home at around 8.30 PM and at 8.45 PM, Lyn activated the team and managed to accost Mr. B at his home. Mr A was too contacted and as per his wishes, Mr A made his way down to the house as well. In accordance to the client’s request, the Fast Debt Recovery team were invited into the house where the discussion of payment ensued.

Although the entire deployment took around 3 hours, we are happy to announce that the deployment ended with a positive outcome with a peaceful settlement and Mr. B’s written confirmation that he will be paying the rental debt in full at the end of the month.

*Names and Dates have been changed due to protect the identities of all who are involved

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