NOTICE – Impersonation and Copyright Infringement (Redeemer Debt Recovery and Justice Debt Recovery)

It has came to our attention on 10th Nov 2020 that these two debt collection firm namely Redeemer Debt Recovery Management Pte Ltd and Justice Debt Recovery Pte Ltd are advertising misleading advertisement showing that they are related to Fast Debt Recovery Specialist Pte Ltd using our content as well as our deployment videos. Basically, our content were stolen from Youtube to be use as part of their advertising tools on their website and google. We have also contacted them to remove all related content of Fast Debt Recovery Specialist from their website as well as google which was link to their company. We wish to state that Fast Debt Recovery Specialist Pte Ltd is not related to any other Debt Collection Agency in Singapore.

The deadline that they have given us to complete the removal was 20th Nov, till date 23rd Nov we still find the content showing on google linked to their website. We even received WhatsApp text message from this personal known as Q (known in debt collection industry) Joseph on 15th Nov ” The shorter solution for this is to turn your social post on Youtube from public to private. But will call in google and update me tomorrow” Til date 23rd Nov, we still did not get any update from him. From what we understand from our IT Department, he doesn’t need to call up google regards to this matter. All he has to do was to remove their headers in their Google Serp, remove at the meta description which is either located in the settings page for the entire site or per page settings under the pages. We have also since advised them on that on 20th Nov. They have been giving lots of excuses about the removal. We believe that the time frame given from 10th Nov till date 23rd Nov is more than enough for them to complete all removal of Fast Debt Recovery Specialist content which was linked to their company.

As such, we have filed a police report as what we found out that their website was misleading and it was impersonating Fast Debt Recovery Specialist. We have also wrote in to IPOS. IPOS has replied that In Singapore, the person who created the work, i.e. the author, owns the copyright in the work and protection is automatic. This means there is no need for registration for copyright. You may refer to our website to understand this further:

Shall you see any misleading advertisement that shows they are related to Fast Debt Recovery Specialist Pte Ltd, pls do not hesitate to verify it at first.



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