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Fast Debt Recovery Specialist services are performed by experienced professional Field Specialist, giving you the confidence of knowing you’re in the best possible hand. Before every deployment, a briefing and case analysis will be done. | |


Weekend Our team refuse to rest on Weekend, they choose to work hard. Action speaks louder than words. Their hard work is paid off 👍 Cash of $5530.00 was recovered!   It is normal for you to feel angry, betrayed


#TEAMFDR Yes! We did it. We collected a debt valued at $70,528 (which was borrowed by our client to the debtor on a personal loan basis) within just 4 deployments! Despite calling the cops on us during the 1st

SUCESSFUL DEBT COLLECTION | $1,000.00 monthly Installment

#FDRdeployment#SuccessfulDebtCollection | #TeamFDR | The pandemic has affected plenty of debtors badly. Many of them have suffered significant pay cuts, have their shift work reduced, or even got retrenched. We believe compromise and communication are very important for successful and

Fast Debt Recovery Specialist | Wanbao News 联合晚报 |$30,000.00 | Personal Debt | Stolen Credit Card

欠债者一脚踏两船,这边装孝顺指要打工替姑姑还阿窿债,没时间见面;另一边却瞒着她与新女友出国旅游,气得我们的顾客聘请Fast Debt Recovery Specialist ,要追讨三年来花在他身上的三万多元。 Debtor cheated on girlfriend and act filial that he needed to work hard to pay off his aunt’s debt and he has no time to meet up with his girlfriend. Girlfriend found out that he