Fast Debt Recovery Specialist | Wanbao News 联合晚报 |$560,000.00 of hard earn money was loan to debtor

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This is a case whereby a total of $560,000.00 was loan to this debtor. More than 8 victims have lodged their cases with us. He gave the same excuses to all his ex-classmate that he needed money urgently because his father was facing some financial issue with his company. He seeks help from his ex-classmate to borrow money from the bank to lend him the money. But it was found out by the 8 victims that the debtor owes these monies because of his gambling habits. Initially he was paying some of the debt. Until somewhere in November, the 8 victims found out that he recently had a grand wedding at a 5 stars hotel and they decided to engage our services. He didn’t deny on the debt he owes, neither did he say he is not going to pay. He wanted more time to settle this debt as he is currently on Bail Bond for a cheating case and his bank account has been freeze by the police and its currently under investigating.

BE HONEST ABOUT YOUR REPAYMENT TIMELESS! Don’t pluck dates out of thin air promising repayment if you can’t make the date. If you cannot repay the loan on the day you promised, don’t keep quiet. We say this because we noticed that borrowers tend to keep quiet and avoid the lender if they cannot make the repayment on time.

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