Singapore’s most
Trustable Debt
Collection Agency

Our proprietary debt collection methods are
designed to legally retrieve debts for both
individuals and businesses.

No one deserves to be a victim
of broken promises.

Comprising of a team of highly trained Debt Collection Officers, we work with a network of lawyers, skip-tracers, whistle-blowers and investigators to retrieve monies and goods owed. Performed by only trained Debt Collection Officers, you can be assured that your collectibles are in the best possible hands and that your collectibles are managed with professionalism, integrity and efficiency.

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Why Choose Fast Debt Recovery

We pride ourselves in being reliable debt collectors that reassures of
  transparency, credibility, legality and efficiency. We believe in positive reinforcements
and seek to reconcilie bad debts in a diligent, reasonable and mutually fair manner for
effectiveness, and zero reputational damaget towards our clients.
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Thank you Effendi for your thoughtful remarks! It brings us great satisfaction to know that you’ve identified a core aspect of our service commitment—one that we genuinely strive to demonstrate in all our interactions: the principle of not making extravagant promises. Navigating the realm of debt collection is indeed a complex endeavour, and we acknowledge

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We are incredibly grateful, Rano, for acknowledging our diligent efforts at Fast Debt Recovery! Our mission has always been unwavering – to offer affordable and dependable debt collection solutions to everyday consumers. We are acutely aware of the far-reaching effects of debt on individuals, and we take great pride in being a positive force in

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Successful Collection| 2 Cases | $13.392.60

#FDRDeployment | Successful Collection Hooray, another successful collection this week! Contrary to what is usually perceived, not all cases are resolved unambiguously at our office. In our line of work, it isn’t uncommon for us to come across relentless debtors who will try all possible means to flee from their responsibilities by avoiding the public’s

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